Little-known fact: 

The Hudson River is an estuary which flows in both directions. 


(Oh - and it's a total happy place for Life and Leadership Coach Marybeth Cale!) 


So, that provides the perfect inspiration for Estuary Life and Leadership Coaching


Why? Because life and leadership depend on a natural, healthy, back-and-forth flow of energy and ideas (just like the back-and-forth flow of water in an estuary!)

At Estuary, we want aspiring and established leaders to have everything needed to create that kind of flow - in the workplace or school, at home, in relationships, and out in your community. Our workshops, teen leadership programs, employer group trainings, and one-to-one coaching options are designed to empower, to promote self-discovery, and to maximize feelings of confidence, purpose, and success. 


With Estuary Leadership, you can work with us onsite or online to make big headway on a number of topics:


  • Designing a (Personal/Professional) Life You Love

  • Communicating with Confidence (including public speaking!)

  • Building Lasting Client Relationships

  • Public Relations

  • Business Development and Networking

  • Leading through Times of Transition

  • Living (and Leading) with Heart, Humor, and Humility

  • Identifying your Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles

  • Time Management

  • Navigating Difficult Conversations

  • Building Resilience / Managing Stress!

  • Work/Life Alignment

  • Tips to Successfully Work from Home

  • Infusing your Workplace with Fun and Innovation

  • Board Development

Trainings and coaching are conducted by Certified Life Coach Marybeth Cale. Groups can benefit from in-person sessions or learn remotely by using an online option.


Individuals can sign up for group online sessions or meet with Marybeth individually by phone (or in-person if not too far from the great Hudson River Estuary!).

Ready to reach new heights?

Trainings & Coaching Sessions are perfect for:

  • Individuals going through transitions, making life decisions, navigating challenges, or feeling like they're "ready for more" out of life

  • Emerging leaders (teens / young adults / aspiring leaders)

  • Established leaders (managers / CEOs / executives)

  • Corporate or nonprofit employees

  • Boards of Trustees/Boards of Directors

  • Community members seeking to develop / hone communication and leadership skills

Professional and personal development coaching with Estuary is a GREAT investment. Here are some benefits clients have reported:

  • Enhanced sense of self and purpose

  • Greater success meeting and exceeding desired outcomes

  • Strengthening of social-emotional intelligence

  • Deepening of self-awareness & growth of self-confidence

  • Expanded feelings of fulfillment

  • Healthier perspective on life

  • Higher morale

  • Greater productivity

  • Better use of meeting time

  • Expanded spirit of adventure and innovation

  • Deeper connections and stronger relationships

  • Stronger ability to communicate clearly and directly

  • Sense that entire team feels more empowered and inspired

  • Clarity on direction, goals, and action steps

  • Ability to set clear expectations of others

  • Greater motivation

  • Better ability to cope with challenges

  • Healthier workplace culture

  • Ability to confidently share message with broader public

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